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The origin of the universe
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The House of Obaid and Juma bin Thani bin Majid 
One of the first houses of Al Shindagha, Obaid bin Thani’s House was built in 1917 of maritime stones and gypsum, thus reflecting the prosperity of the region at that time due to the flourishing pearl trade.

The Sheikh Obaid Al Thani’s House, just like the Sheikh Saeed Aal Maktoum’s House and the adjoining Heritage Village, is itself a tribute to Dubai Government’s determination to preserve the local heritage and cultural values, the house is an oasis of tranquillity in an otherwise bustling month in Dubai’s calendar.

The house was a residence of the owners’ families, with a large courtyard and several rooms for the family members and special entrance for the female guests. The Pippal tree (common in India) in the courtyard provided ample shade for the members entertaining their guests or enjoying a gathering.
However, the two-storey house was subject to radical renovations in 1956-1961 using traditional material and modern technique. Built to withstand the harsh climate of the region the typical Dubai House featured a courtyard that is unaffected by external air currents, as well as a wind tower (barjeel) that diverts wind from every direction to create a cool down draught into the interior of the House.
The calm and spacious atmosphere of Obaid and Juma bin Thani’s House, one of the reconstructed and well preserved houses of one of the elite families from the past, with it’s tree trunk ceilings, beautiful courtyard and open air corridors on the upper floor allows visitors to stroll around the different rooms that show various aspects of Dubai’s culture, heritage and religion.
Those visitors and tourists who wish to enrich their knowledge of this region can do no better than to treat themselves by visiting the Obaid and Juma bin Thani’s House along with the Heritage Village
Activities in the house
The House of Obaid and Juma bin Thani hosts a themed exhibition within eight of its different rooms, called ‘Al Siraaj’ ( The Guiding Light), so named after one of the characteristics of Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him) as the universal guiding light to humanity in this world, showing the path to success in the hereafter.

Scientific Miracles of the Noble Qur’an, Creation of the Universe and Man, Heaven and Hell in the light of the Noble Qur’an are showcased within different sections of the house using illustrative posters and 3D animations on plasma screens and projectors. Multi-lingual staff is also available to answer questions if necessary.

Apart from the themed visual displays at Obaid and Juma bin Thani’s House, there are other interactive activities like, talk shows on the stage, quiz programmes and a questionnaire based on the posters and animations displayed in the house, which allows visitors to win prizes worth thousands of Dirhams. The visitors can get free booklets and books on the religious values of the UAE in various languages like Arabic, German, French, English, Spanish, Tagalog, Urdu, Hindi and Chinese to name a few. One can also get free copies of the translation of the meaning of the Noble Qur’an in a few languages.
The house boasts a room dedicated to our future generation, called ‘Kids cornner’, with educational toys and activities. Parents can leave their little ones under the care of officially appointed female staff, while they explore the house, which will surely keep them interested for a subsstantial amount of time.
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