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The origin of the universe
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The house of Jumaa and Obaid bin Thani was originally built in 1916, with coral stones, gypsum, date palm fronds and timber reflecting the luxury prevailing in the region resulting from the flourishing pearl trade. It is considered to be one of the first mansions built in Al Shindagha area.
The house was meticulously reconstructed once in 1956 and restored again in 1998 using the same traditional material but modern construction techniques.
The house consists of two storeys with more than 15 rooms and is characterised by its beautiful traditional architecture, but the historical values of this house are not limited to the aesthetics. The house that comprised of bedrooms, kitchen and a dining hall, store rooms and majlis (sitting area for welcoming guests and having meetings) was once occupied by the members of Jumaa and Obaid bin Thani family. It has a big courtyard and dons a wind tower (Barjeel), that would bring in cool air from all directions into the house.
The house runs two permanent exhibitions, Al Siraaj and Arsabic Calligraphy Through Time. By visiting the rooms you will not just learn about the aesthetics of the traditional architecture but also about the different aspects of the culture of the people of Dubai, including the religious values that they cherish and treasure till today.

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